I had the idea of “Self-Treat” during a particularly challenging period in my life. What I truly craved was a serene place to unwind, reconnect with nature, recharge, immerse myself in the local culture, meditate, and, most importantly, have one-on-one conversations with a specialist when group activities felt overwhelming.

I couldn’t find such a retreat, so I decided to create this concept for people who, like me, are navigating similar emotions and experiences. A retreat that doesn’t force a set program, detox or group participation, but offers a space for individual rejuvenation and meaningful connections, especially with the self.

The concept of “Self-Treat” is created by uniquely combining my professional background as a psychotherapist, life coach, and nutritionist with my extensive experience in the hospitality industry, which includes personal travel to nearly every continent. This fusion offers / brings out a custom-tailored well-being experience for those seeking self-discovery while navigating life’s challenges and, at the same time exploring the world.

This concept encompasses: