Personal Development Counselling

Personal Development Counseling provides individuals, both adults and teenagers, with the tools and guidance they need to achieve personal and professional growth, fulfill their potential, and lead more satisfying and balanced lives.

Counseling for pre-teens and teenagers is of utmost importance. This phase of life is marked by significant changes in their bodies, minds, and relationships, especially with parents. Adolescents grapple with identity, emotions, peer and social media pressure and academic choices. Having a counsellor provides essential support for these challenges.

Topics: Identity formation and self-discovery, self-awareness, emotional and stress management, interpersonal relationships with family and peers, dealing with bullying, self-confidence and self-esteem, pressure management and decision-making, problem-solving skills development, procrastination management, self-care and well-being, emotional and social intelligence, resilience building, academic and career orientation, school and career motivation.